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More Pez for Collectors by Richard Geary Previous Page 1 2 Next Page. Warman's Field Guides. Schiffer Book for Collectors. FREE Shipping. Last 30 days Last 90 days. Include Out of Stock. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Slowly, the Velcro is coming off the back of the heads. I have them in my stairway going up to my office on the second floor. Sometimes in the middle of the night I will hear a PEZ dispenser fall from the wall, plop onto my stairs. It startled me at first. A strange sound that wakes you up in the middle of the night, you jump Fantasy PEZ up! As I sit here, telling you about my market show time.

Warman's PEZ Field Guide: Values and Identification

I just want to predicament I think its time to fix it. Took there. I belong to a PEZ Fantasy out the brush, group on Facebrushed some book where purple crazy people post glue on the pictures of back of the some of their head, then took creations. I my Velcro and believe they covered over are making the purple crathem for fun, zy glue.

It not really selldries clear. Then when dry I have to say I put the disall of it is realpensers back ly cool lookup on my wall. Pictured Above: I have repainting Head. Maybe I about 20 differhave to find out why they have that name? But its of sending a package across the US. Bettys Attic. I find that a very interesting comment from a Canadian Sportscaster, since PEZ is not as easy to find up there as it is here. Hmm, maybe they live in the US? In May, a U. They say that Adam has a large collection each. Plus shipping of course, but I checked and and has spent Cash or Credit?

Reasonable shipping cost. Back by popular on his PEZ collecdemand, we are tion. When we to the US and visit the Burlingame were taking credit cards in the past, it Museum in California. Interesting, was a major expense and a pain. Then Pay Pal came into the piccould see. An Obelix dispenser ture and that seemed easier to use. The convention take credit again. VERY impressive sales.

864,50 RUB

Again, more very impressive sales. Until next issue-Happy Pezzing! Send to: Please take a minute to look at your address label. This issue is a big issue for renewals. Cool PEZ sighting Jennifer! Thanks for sharing! OR go to our web site www. Please renew today! Order online at www. It just blows my mind how quick they come and go. We have met so many nice people thru the years and seeing their faces makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us and PEZ collecting all these years. We have some really big news that came out of the convention to share with you. First, we are moving the convention to the end of June. I hate changing things, but this is a good change. Now we will have a steady date, no more bouncing around because of holidays. We had to check it out and pick up goodies for the 19th and 20th Anniversary conventions. Yes, I plan and work on things that far in advance. Got back to the hotel later that day and of course we shopped the area to see what PEZ were in the local stores.

Wednesday, we opened the convention hospitality room and got to see our Pezzy friends again this year. First, a big thank you to PEZ for offering us this very special dispenser this year. So, this is a very special dispenser for sure! This was unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.

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It was a great thing for US convention attendees. But it sure did cause me a headache. What to do with it? Demand was very high, too high. Once word got out, everyone was contacting us. Due to the extremely high demand and cost , we had to make this special dispenser available to preregistered attendee 1 per only. Looking back, maybe I should have purchased double the number I did.

One very big drawback with that, it would have flooded the market and made the dispenser not have a collectible value. It gives you something to look back at and remember. I want to give everyone that comes to the convention a valuable collectible, something that is worth something. It gets very busy, very really big day for some.

We quickly. Collectors to pick up their packages so boarded a bus early in the they can get out and do morning and when they got some serious room hopping to PEZ, they were treated as before PEZingo. Shawn auction. Thank you to all that they could offer the group a donated items and made very special behind the auction purchases. I have been there contest. Its always nice to so many times, I never find see the young ones getting it boring. I know for some dressed up and having a people it was their first time, good time. Every year we so this is always a highlight. We alAbove: All I can say is time.

We had fun and gave Then when they got back room hopaway some great prizes during this ping was in full swing with more colcontest. It was so much fun for everylectors checking into the hotel. Later one, we will have to make it part of the it was time for the happy hour food convention agenda from now on! I deals and swap party. We have eveto eat, have a couple drinks, socialize ryone come up and exchange a door with other collectors and even check prize ticket for a prize package. Durout the PEZ items during the swap ing this everyone walks away with a portion of the event.

There is always PEZ prize.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey PEZ Collector's Series Set of 8

It like to see anyone leave without winseems to grow every year and I see ning something and this is a good way better and better PEZ items being ofto give away stuff. It was a great night and hopefully everyone had fun. Oh, one last note for those that attended. The person that I said was our hired security, that was only a joke. That was his costume that he dressed up as for the convention theme, Super Heroes.

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey PEZ Collector's Series Set of 8 | eBay

Before you know it, Saturday morning came pretty quick. It seems just as we get into the swing of the convention, Saturday comes and goes in a flash. Dealers are downstairs bright and early to set up their goodies. Aliens vs. I just want to say a big thank you to all of our dealers. At 10am, we open the convention doors to the general public. There is always good turnout during that time. The weather was perfect on Saturday. They came, they bought and had fun!

Overall, we had another great year. Saw lots of old friends. Made some new friends and bought some new PEZ for the collection. Hopefully everyone else did too.

Make plans for your Pezcation now! Power Trucks-Non-U. Funny thing, when I first saw pictures of this dispenser on a web site I figured it was a 3D printed dispenser, not really made by PEZ. As it turns out the information I saw was correct. You get three packs of these chews, that come in the shape of PEZ candy. Below is a picture of the chew pack, the chews opened and PEZ candy bricks on the bottom row. Below right is the back of the card with the nutrition information for the chews. It seems that this dispenser will only be available outside of the US. What is weird about this, remember it wasn't that long ago that PEZ did not make real people.

Slowly that changed. Now, they are doing this? There Pac0o. The collector Hector Noriega won The welcome pack was: The organ whose cards were included in the welizer was Luis Macedo pezilla and come pack. In Spain there are ever two there were near 20 collectors. The prizes: The innovation was that the organi one for each of the Portugal Convenzation did a limited edition of sheets and tions , A PEZ pen and poster.

In the evening, they were to a park for doing that the morning machine flied, with help of a compressed air machine and water. All the persons were surprised on having seen what distance they those devices were reaching. This was one of some games in which points were adding up to the general classification. In order of this, the collectors chose the prize. The winners were: Roberto roberviti, Spanish 2nd: Jose kokinopez, Spanish 3rd: Clara Portuguese Roberviti and his partner.

The three winners At night, the collectors have a dinner and a bowling match, with the winner had another PEZ prize. Next day, there was a visit to near villages. At finished, I want to say that nothing is comparative with the smile of the Tiago daughter when she obtained her prize.

I believe its only available at PEZ. When you open it up inside there is 5 PEZ dispensers and 5 packs of candy. In this bag I got 5 different flavors. An instant Disney PEZ collection with a sweet treat! Happy hunting! Catchy, maybe I should get that on my license plate?

Or, maybe not…. This is another new, candy store in my area that I had the pleasure of visiting. It was next door to a bagel shop that we stopped in a few months ago, but they were closed at the time. As I peered into the store with my face pressed against the glass, it looked interesting. I guess it was off season or we were just too early at that time. I made a mental note that I would have to return and that we did! We made a bagel stop one day for lunch and hit the candy store for some desert.

It was an interesting place. It has a good assortment of cool candy and part of it is an ice cream shop. So being near the beach and located on a corner they should do very well. As we walked around the store, they had the usual stuff, then in the middle of the store. My kind of store. Then there it was, on the back wall of the store was a good assortment of carded PEZ.

It was worth the trip to see the store. Again, just because we are printing it, they might not be one of the winners chosen by our judge. Ugly, but I knew it would be a long time before I could afford one of those so I changed my choice of favorite PEZ to something I knew I would like and have liked for many years so I can collect them. I have always lived in the country and liked to watch the wild bunnies around my yard. When growing up I raised rabbits for show for show at the local fair.

Then PEZ made a bunny I liked very much and it made me very happy so I started to collecting them and now I have of them and still collecting. I buy and trade every week to get my bunny fix and will not slow down, until I hit my lucky number of bunnies and at this time that number has not been determined. I started collecting in High School because a boy I liked was a collector and I wanted something to talk about with him! The crush faded, but a true love of PEZ was born.

I would love to add a PCN dispenser to the mix! Thanks for all of the great PEZ info and for fun contests like this one!

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