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You will likely find that the BioLife compensation amounts are enough to erase any trepidation you may have. How much does BioLife pay for plasma donation? Plasma is simply part of your blood that helps the body in several ways. Healthy adults can easily replace donated plasma over the course of a few days. BioLife helps meet the high demand for plasma. Many patients have provided testimonials on the BioLife website that describe their gratitude for plasma donors.

Your plasma donation can be used to help patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency AATD , hemophilia, and primary immunodeficiency diseases. Potential donors must be at least 18 years old, weigh at least pounds see this article to find out where you can weigh yourself for free , and feel well on the day of donation. Donors will also need to provide photo identification and proof of a permanent local address. Healthcare professionals walk donors through the screening process, which includes a physical examination and medical history questionnaire for new donors.

The medical screening process involves questions about medical history, including exposure to a variety of infectious diseases e. Most medications and well-managed chronic health conditions will not affect your ability to donate. Recent piercings and tattoos may affect your ability to donate for a period of 4 months to 12 months after the procedure. So how much does BioLife pay for plasma donation? BioLife recognizes a week as being Monday through Thursday. After a donor gets into the routine of regular donations, the time spent donating is typically under an hour. For many people, this translates into an attractive hourly rate.

BioLife has posted on its Facebook page that the compensation varies based on how frequently individuals donate and on the promotions that a particular donation center is running at any given time. This page will display available coupons to earn higher compensation at the next appointment.

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Again, donors must be eligible and healthy at the time of each donation. How much does BioLife Plasma pay compared with other places that buy plasma? BioLife payments are fair. Suggested Article: At BioLife, donors are paid with a prepaid Visa card. This card can be used at any store that accepts Visa. It is not a credit card, so donors cannot charge more than the balance available on the card.

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The BioLife prepaid card can be used at an ATM to withdraw cash or have it transferred directly to their own bank account. Fees may apply to withdraw cash from an ATM, to transfer money to a bank account, or to make a purchase with the card. This is insane. No one studies that much. And if they do, they have no social life.

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Posted by Jamie Zimmerman at 4: Monday, October 15, Donate Plasma. You might have seen a commercial or heard about donating plasma, but maybe you don't know what it is. Let me tell you about BioLife Plasma Services and my experiences donating plasma. I'd heard talk about BioLife and how you can earn money by donating plasma, but I was a little skeptical. Questions came to mind like did it hurt, how much do you get paid, were there side effects, and was it really worth my time? Now I know a lot of people are afraid of needles, and if that's you then you'll probably never try it.

I don't hate needles, but who likes them?!

What is Plasma Donation?

In my experiences it was pretty painless. I say "pretty" because ya there's the sting of the needle going in, but if you look away it's not so bad. I can handle a few seconds of pain for the cash at the end. Occasionally you might have problems while donating. There have been a few times when I was donating where the needle shifted in my arm a little or something like that and I ended up with a bruise and swelling. They just have you ice your arm and the bruise and swelling go away within a couple days. Still worth it if you ask me. I donated twice a week for about six months and this happened to me twice.

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First, you schedule an appointment online https: Then the first appointment you will make you'll have a physical and donate for your first time. This usually lasts a couple hours so make sure you go on a day where you don't have to be anywhere. BioLife will walk you through the steps to donate when you get there.

They will then check your blood pressure and prick your finger and check that your iron is high enough. From there you will be seated and the Phlebotomist fancy word for people in white lab coats will get your arm ready then stick the needle in. After the needle's in, you'll clench and unclench your fist to get your blood flowing. Once the blood fills up the container it stops and you relax while the blood flows back into your veins.

This does not hurt but might make your fingers tingle. You repeat the process until the plasma container is filled up enough. Then they remove your needle and wrap up your arm. Lastly you check out where you will receive your money on your BioLife card and schedule your next appointment. In all it takes about an hour. Look for BioLife coupons for extra cash on your first time donating! Donate plasma and earn money while saving lives!

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