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If you haven't already joined the warehouse shopping club, now might be the perfect time.

I still think best way for real savings is by reducing your consumption to point that you can still remain satisfied. I work in healthcare field and take care of way to many people with hypertension and diabetes and these are considered lifestyle diseases. Sorry but that is not a fault of either supermarkets or Costco. That is a personal problem and choice to consume more and be fat.

Some items cost the same as the grocery store but most items are half the cost and double the amount because they once catered to business fields only and you had to be a business or medical personal to be allowed a membership card. We shopped at Reno Nevada and that Costco is very weird. Never have seen a Costco like it since. I estimate that around half of Costco customers would save money by not having a membership and shopping elsewhere, especially if they have a discount grocery store in town. I disagree with this comment that buying in bulk increases your consumption.

Do I use more TP or tissues because I have a stash in the basement? Of course not. Do my cats use the litter box more often because I have a backup 40 lb box of litter? I buy in bulk to minimize my shopping trips. Instead of buying a box of the 6 count bars at the grocery store once a week, I buy a big box at BJs once in a while. For the items I purchase and consume on a regular basis, BJs is far less expensive than the grocery store. Even the non-bulk items, like a bunch of bananas or a gallon of skim milk are far less expensive than at the grocery store.

I was turned away at the door at a Costco years ago, it left a bad image of the company in my mind. SAMs Club is the same way at least in Illinois. I was told Costco has the right to tell you to remove items from your cart if you exceed your Cash Card amount by a large amount i. I had to ask the membership desk afterwards to clarify this to me. BTW, only members can reload the card. Just a comment. Obviously you want to make up part of the discounts with your fee. So it does hurt them if people are buying through someone else instead of getting their own membership.

Also what forms of ID etc would you need to open a card. Thanks in advance for your help -Joni. Just as an FYI you cannot always use a Costco gift card if you are a non member. I said fine, I would just pay for the items, so they rang them up under my membership.

They need to train all their employees about correct procedures. This is directly from their website: You must be a Costco member to purchase or reload Costco Cash Cards. Costco Cash Card balances may be used toward membership or merchandise…. Members and non-members may use the cash cards to shop at any Costco location in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and online at Costco. Costco Cash balances may be used toward membership or merchandise. I spoke with an employee about this. Apparently, there is a difference between a Costco gift card and a cash card. Members only can use a gift card.

Members and non-members can use a cash card but the cash cards can only be purchased by a member. I have experienced some bad shopping trips over my 15 plus years of membership , and it is only one location I have ever had constant issues with specific employees but that is kind of the general demenor there. I regret never calling and just letting them push me out to another store. I was told it belongs to a different district and thats why. Just better all around. Oh and that comment from that snotty employee must have been from the Moreno Valley Ca. Lol calm down and just do your job and stop throwing out PASSIVE AGRESSIVE comments to customers , you are lucky that the corporate does not know who you are because you are posting as a representative of the company in a rude unauthorized way , just that comment made me totally turned off and the other person who commented is right ….

The End. I am an executive member and tried using a costco cash card to make my purchase without showing my membership card. Henderson, Nevada. I think Costco really need to change the cash card description on their website, because the truth is a non member is not allowed to shop with a cash card. The first time she tried to use the cash card, she got humiliated by the manager and the customer service, they guarded her from the register to the front customer service area and tried to kick her out.

I thought Costco is well managed company that cares about their customer satisfaction, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe someone who works at Costco can answer our problems here? Costco Torrance, CA. Torrance is a horrible place and you will find many people like the manager who is rude. My grandma who is 80 something years old moved in from Torrance to Port Townsend Washington where partially to be closer to family but also to get away from the rude people and gang life.

Grandma lived in Torrance most of her life and has seen the many changes it has gone from being a small nothing town far from anything to a sprawling urban mess without any real planning. Might be a new manager, who knows, but some of their grocery and candy offerings sit on the shelves too long and are not as fresh as they should be. I wonder why Costco stores are so few and far between in some areas.

Do they only locate in large metropolitan areas? I would like to see a Costco in Western Wisconsin. Right now the nearest Costco to me is over 80 miles, one way. Of course they are only in the larger urban areas. They need a large number of members just to keep their doors open. There are now 2 in the Madison area. So much for perishables! Cost of gas, even if less at Costco makes the trip too expensive unless one is able to carefully budget and plan to buy bulk for a year. Weather is a big concern between November and April.

So one must plan carefully from stores in our NE Oregon area. In Hawaii, they have to allow you in to purchase alcohol regardless. There is a Costco about 60 miles away. How could that possibly hurt them? I understand that. But my point is that the company should want to bring in new customers. A trial is the way to do this. I think I am entitled to do a trial one day today. No one checks my iD. I have so much fun that I do the one day trial twice a month for a year. Ha ha. I paid the remainder in cash. The cashier was very nice, the manager came over to approve and left with no problem.

And because of this easy experience I was able to check out a costco and decide to buy a membership. Really sucks that so many people have had issues using a card, especially when their policy states otherwise.


Go to Walmart instead for the best prices and for food package sizes that are not designed for large circus families. Apparently there are a lot of knuckleheads out there that are willing to pay the membership. Not to mention, Costco provides a large number of services and is extremely customer focused.

You think you have a good shopping experience when you go to Walmart? Easy return policies? Yeah, you can always find cheaper deals for certain things, but in general the prices are great. Walmart is a horrible corporation. I get along fine and feel better about not supporting such an evil company.

People have been told that Walmart is evil for one reason and one reason only. They do not funnel dollars into the Democratic Party through Union dues.

10 Things ALWAYS Cheaper at Costco! More Costco Shopping Tips

I thought everyone already knew that. Their door greeter is a blatant attempt to keep out people that can legally purchase beer and wine, use the pharmacy and use the eyecare provider onsite in an attempt to scare off non-paying members. Employees are terribly rude. If I am allowed to come in and look, why screen my presence? That is poor customer service, in my opinion. After all, I cannot buy without a membership or cash card, anyway.

This door person keeps me from even trying. It was not worth the embarrassment of being singled out in public. Also it is to get a door count to make sure registers are prepared for the members in the building. I went to Costco and they let me go in and look around. Close dated grocery items are always a good bargain, also. I am a non-member and have been using cash cards my friend bought me for years. I went there to re-take my passport photos previous one taken there was rejected by Canada Passport , While waiting for the photo, we shopped for some groceries and picked up three items.

The cashier told me that I was required to register at the Customer Service since I was using a cash card. Ok, fair enough. I went to the Customer Service counter and was asked to show a photo ID and complete a form. I asked what she meant this was my last time of visit. I guess he recognized me? We are traveling and I saw a Cosco store in the town we were camped in. I was just wandering if I could go in for a one time shopping trip without a membership. Just wanted to do some shopping. Also, they have unusual things from time to time that are fun to try.

Their own brand is excellent also. It was a grocery chain owned by two brothers, but they had a falling out, so one brother kept the original and the other brother opened a competing store. Lol, this! The story is being told that it was over cigarettes. Neither party every confirmed that rumor, though. Fun fact: I tried to purchase a Costco membership for a friend for Christmas.

What an insane corporate policy. It was the only gift my friend wanted. I used to have a Costco membership — in fact it was the executive one, but my ly life hit a brick wall and left me at a stand still. I rarely need something from Costco, so I asked my sister to get me a cash card. Luckily it was that trip that depleted my card. I have attempted twice to go into Costco and look around and the first I was kindly told I needed a memebership, for the food court, liquor purchases and to look around.

The second time on a very busy Sunday I was told rudely the same thing as I asked if me and my girlfriend could go to the food court or look around. I live in Seattle and I imagine there may be more of a theft issue possibly just a guess but you definitely cannot get in and walk around. Sams on the other hand at least has a day pass although I think costco would be a better store to shop at.

Used to have a Costco membership but I can purchase most grocery items equal to or less than Costco prices. And buy smaller amounts. I like the huge selection of organic produce for affordable prices. The membership all together would cost less than 5. Pretty great deal. Their brand names cloths and shoes… everything is priced so reasonable… never bought gas from their.

But I will give that a shot. And when I get there and see something like, crackers on sale I would get all what I can some stuff are limited But think of it… less than 5. Author says that he has never been asked for membership card at entrance when entering. Come to my Costco in Fort Wayne.

Get a New Costco Gold Star Membership Plus $45 in Savings for $60

They always ask for my membership card. I love shopping at Costco and working there. I have worked there for the past three years and absolutely love it and highly recommend a membership for everybody. There are several reasons we would like to see your membership card at the door. Showing the card at the door,allows us to know how many actual members are in the store at any given time, so that we can allot the correct number of cashiers upfront to keep things moving along. It also lets us direct members that have forgotten their card even though many still insist that they have it somewhere in their purse , to the membership desk where they can actually get a substitute card before they hold up lines at the register looking for their lost card.

Even nonmembers can use our pharmacy and food court. We do not have one day passes, but usually the person at the door will let you in to look around if you take a pamphlet on the membership benefits, if you ask nicely. So you are saying that I can go into Costco and buy 2 sets of their organic sheets and Kerry Gold butter with cash tomorrow?

Went to a Costco today to check out what it was all about — was told I could not look over the store unless I left a photo id at the service desk while looking in the store. Really stupid store policy — needless to say I left and will not go back. Costco has pretty good merch and prices are good, too. But the shopping experience is dismal in so. I have found that the first 45 minutes or so after they open is golden. After my last trip to Costco where everything that I hate about Costco all happened in one visit, I will never shop during prime hours again.

They are expensive, so of course Costco will be cheaper.

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Costco should not charge people a membership fee in order to be their customer. Why the general public lets them get away with this scam is ridiculous. Do you pay your card dealer for the right to buy a car, or do you pay your insurance company for the right to purchase insurance? There are plenty of other stores who will take my money for free. Can I get a gift card, but pay cash?

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We respect your privacy. Your personal information will not be sold or shared. Related Posts. How can you give more details on this. Sandra B. As far as I know Kirkland and Grey Goose are one and the same. So far I guess I can either stick with the one store, or get gift cards in larger denominations.

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Same here. I now get medjool dates as well. Shelley Wagner. Usually the best price localy. Purchase gas in New Jersey! Executive members get a discount on prescriptions.

Lisa in NJ. I thkught you needed to use your cosco card to begin pumping gas!! Karen Gregory. Top tier gas also! Yes, but the 30 minutes you wait every time to fill up eats away at your life. My son is on my card and he lives in a different state. I have a card from my parents household. Veronica Johnson. Saae Whatt. What she said. Corn Fused. This is not true you must have a valid membership to purchase gas at a Costco gas station.

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The brick new jerssry Costco sells gas to anyone. You do Not present your card.. Oh, and by the way, you can use a regular VISA card…! She is trying!!! Kevin Kaminski. That escalated Quickly!!!!! Sincerely, Current Costco Employee. Not a Costco Employee Fan. Laurie Thrasher. You can use any type of Visa credit card at Costco. Regina M Chastain.

Sam's Manager. The Kirkland brand is also superior to Berkley and Jensen. Julie Limberg. Do you except the bridge card? And you base your estimation on what exactly? Johnathan H. William Zolchonock. NEA members will receive coupons for three free items with a new Costco membership and access to over member-only warehouse locations across the country. Modernize your home with new floors, tiling and cabinets from Costco. Replace your tires at the tire center. Fill up your tank for less at the gas station. Most locations include a pharmacy, optical and hearing aid departments and more.

Costco Concierge Services offers friendly customer assistance and free tech support on most electronics, including setup and troubleshooting, and extended warranties on some products. We work with Costco because it is commited to supporting charitable efforts for children, education and human services in communities where it does business.

Charitable contributions include Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, United Way, volunteer reading programs and more. Learn more about how we select our partners. Maximize your cash back with the option to choose 1 of 6 categories: Valid for new memberships only and members who have not had an active Costco membership within the last 12 months. Not valid for renewal of an existing Costco membership. Costco Membership Activation Certificates have no cash value and are not replaceable if lost, stolen or destroyed.

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