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Make sure your ad is compliant with LinkedIn Advertising Guidelines and that you can deliver on your promise. Avoid using any tricky or misleading tactics. LinkedIn actually allows you to create up to 15 variations for each ad, but really this is just too hard to manage and not necessary. What you may not know is that LinkedIn will actually deactivate your ads if they have a CTR of under 0. As your campaigns mature, take note of what factors have contributed to your best performing ads. You can direct users to any URL of your choosing. The last option company page presents an interesting opportunity.

Wherever you send your users, be sure that the landing page delivers on the promise you just made in your ad. Getting people to your desired destination is great, but converting them into emails and phone calls is the hard part. LinkedIn Ads offer some exciting targeting options, allowing you to drill down and be ultra-specific with who you are trying to reach.

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It makes sense to target by industry, job function, or groups, but you can also target specific companies or even an individual. When you are setting up your campaign you will be able to set your daily budget as well as your bid price. LinkedIn displays ads with varying rates throughout the day depending on when users are most active. When you reach the max set in your daily budget, your ads will stop being displayed.

Setting your bid price is the other factor which will determine how much your ad gets displayed. Essentially, every time a targeted page is displayed, your ad will be in a bidding war with other advertisers also targeting your same audience. LinkedIn will suggest a bid price for you, try it for a couple days and then play with raising it or lowering it depending on your goals.

Obviously a higher bid is going to prevail more often and get more exposure. LinkedIn does have one potentially cool albeit untested feature that you should consider. When you set up your campaign, you have the option to set up a lead capture on your landing page. Basically, if you say yes, LinkedIn will put a frame at the top of your website or LinkedIn page where the user can tick a box to allow you to contact them directly.

Make sure you create a reminder for yourself to check your campaign every day until you get an idea of your average ad spend. There are a few metrics to watch before you can take a breather from monitoring your ads. CTR click through rate: Good ads will have a higher CTR than 0.

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  • A common mistake is to target to wide an audience, resulting in a poor CTR. Tracking Leads: How many people completed the process by emailing or calling? Make sure your landing page delivers on the promise made in your ad. And that one client?

    They got results that they were really happy with. Do you want the same? Just keep reading then! LinkedIn Ads works on a bidding system like other ad platforms, and lets you show an ad to the audience of your choice. You can target specific audiences, and control your budget.

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    Like Facebook, ads that put you most directly in front of users will likely yield the best results. These ads are the sponsored content and sponsored inmail formats, which fit more seamlessly into the platform and thus have a slightly higher chance of user engagement. Sponsored content is ideal if you want to get plenty of eyes on your content, like blog posts or business announcements, driving engagement.


    LinkedIn Ads Coupon Codes

    The format of the actual ad lets you share valuable information that can help you with lead generation and nurturing, in addition to brand awareness. Text ads are most effective if you want to show your ad to as many people as possible.

    They can be helpful at driving conversions and are most effective when you use highly targeted campaigns. A great example would be an MS program advertising to potential students. LinkedIn is a professional platform, making it different than all the other platforms we discuss on this site. People predominantly use this site to:. Because of this, B2B businesses will have the best results on the platform. In very rare cases, some B2C businesses that offer professional services to consumers like consulting, training, or education.

    The process of creating the Ads is almost entirely the same, with a few small differences in creative. If you do, search for the company name and select it. If you targeted Home Depot employees, for example, Audience Expansion might also show your ad to Lowes employees. Next, set your budget. You can also choose a total budget , which I recommend doing. Text ads, for example, let you choose headlines, images, and descriptions, as seen above. LinkedIn Ads has some incredible features and targeting capabilities alongside its receptive audience.

    These ads allow you to scale incredibly personalized ads, increasing their attention-grabbing capabilities and their effectiveness. These are easy to use, and can be translated automatically. When you promote content on LinkedIn, you can get creative here, but keep the following best practices in mind:.

    Right now, everyone wants to purchase from, work with, and work for brands on a mission. An ethical, moral, world-peace-improving mission, that is. We all care about businesses who are making ethical decisions and who care about their communities— including their employees. This is true regardless of whether you want to find new employees or new customers. This is an important strategy for any ad campaigns, but it seems to be forgotten in LinkedIn. Explain what users can get out of it.

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    This is where your copywriting skills will come into play. I did. And why does someone need this service? The ad below from Chase shows that. It immediately appeals to a pain point of business owners not having enough time and then offers their products as a solution. Michael is, so he needs to be the one seeing those ads instead. This is actually a really common mistake on LinkedIn Ads. This can be difficult to do, but LinkedIn does have job title targeting features that makes it easier.

    Go for the most senior positions possible. In these instances, everyone typically has more of a voice in what happens and why. There are good reasons to do both. Users will be more likely to engage with the ad, and may leave positive social proof. Excluding your current company followers, however, may increase the accuracy of your targeting. Consider what your goals are when you make this decision. As a copywriter, this is one of my all-time favorite copywriting and ad strategies.

    Whoever said that business was personal, after all, is dead wrong, and almost anyone who has built a business, been fired, been hired, or even been passed over for a small raise can tell you that.

    Reach professionals on LinkedIn and drive new customers to your business

    We might research our business decisions differently and over a longer period of time, but never for a second think that those decisions are never emotional. A great example of how to use storytelling to really make an impact is the ad below from Georgetown University. They pair a video ad with enticing ad text, asking a question and then immediately answering it by offering an exclusive inside look into what your experience could be, too.

    You can envision yourself in that classroom, talking to those professors, learning those lessons. It becomes more real, and this school suddenly becomes a standout because in half a second you had that mental image. Storytelling can be simple, but it should utilize some sort of emotion whenever possible.

    This ad captures the emotions of hope and excitement. Video ad campaigns are particularly effective mediums for storytelling because you can use everything from the lighting to the background music to all work towards that single impact and memory. They also give you more room to tell a full story before a customer loses attention.

    LinkedIn Ads may not be the perfect fit for all businesses, but they can be a great option for the right businesses. B2B businesses and businesses looking to hire new employees can end up right smack-dab in front of their target audience thanks to these ads. Your content—and your copy—should be created accordingly. What do you think? Have you used LinkedIn Ads? Have you ever clicked on any? What best practices work for you? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

    I believe that when AJ mentions the 0. Thanks for sharing some incredible strategies on LinkedIn especially on how to get good results. Smart article! Indeed, LinkedIn is a professional platform for people who look for jobs, or maybe recruit potential new hires or freelancers, connecting with colleagues and provide recommendations, or even share and discuss news in their industry. Thanks for sharing, Ana! Engaging to LinkedIn Ads will definitely help you gather and expand your connections and network.

    These strategies will surely help those who wants to share and show their business to gather multiple audience. Thank you so much for this very informative blog post. Looking forward to another blog post. Thanks for the insight. Great post! Thanks for your insightful article. Good to learn about LinkedIn ads.

    How to get FREE $50 LinkedIn ad coupon?

    I have been using LinkedIn ads for a year. In my experience, sponsored content ads are the best way to get engagement with ads, but this model is costly than other ad models because they get a higher reach. Really enjoyed the in-depth post. Do you agree? What kind of daily budget could you suggest? This strategy is really helpful for me! We accidentally set up a personal page instead of a business page on LinkedIn. Great Insight! I must say that LinkedIn is an excellent resource for professionals. Facebook may be utilized in certain ways to similarly create excellent environments for networking, connecting in a personal and professional way and providing resources.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post on LinkedIn ads i must say that My most important takeaway is that you want to be posting on LinkedIn at least once a week. Thanks for the tip… off to share this on LinkedIn. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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