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This can be helpful to know, especially if you have a coupon that you use on the offer. After you have selected all the offers that you think you might want to buy, click on the "print barcode" button and you will get an itemized list of your offers and a printout of the barcode for the cashier to scan.

For example, I could purchase four packs of Orbit gum, four 12 packs of cokes, and four boxes of waffles in one shopping trip. If I purchased five boxes of waffles, one box would not be discounted. The barcode that prints out is your personal barcode and it will always remain the same.

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Target Cartwheel: 10 Insider Secrets You Must Know

Many shoppers laminate it and keep it with their store cards. If you lose it or it is destroyed you can always print another one by logging into Cartwheel. Go shopping at your local Target store and when you are ready to check out, give your printed barcode to the cashier. The cashier will scan your Cartwheel barcode and you will automatically receive your savings on all of the qualifying Cartwheel offers that you are purchasing.

You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to six times per day. Your savings should update in your Cartwheel profile within four hours of your transaction in store. This is the step when using Cartwheel by Target really gets interesting and can save shoppers hundreds of dollar.

That means it is possible to save four ways on the same item.


However, there is a specific way that the offers should be presented to cashiers when checking out to ensure that all possible discounts are applied. Then just head to the store and pick up your order at Guest Services. Easy peasy! With Drive Up , just shop and place your order with the Target app and the Cartwheel discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

When your order is ready, Target will let you know that your order is ready to be picked up — usually within an hour! I checked in the app and it says the coupons only apply in store.

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That would be too good to be true if those came off too! App does say only in store but last night I ordered Christmas pajamas and I had coupon in my cartwheel from the other day and it attached to my order.

Target's Cartwheel Review - NerdWallet

Thank you Target! I am an avid Target shopper but never use the cartwheels because I order online or do order pick up! Thank YOU Target for making things easier! I never have to re-enter my card number. You can save your red card to your wallet and just select that on checkout at Target. So does this mean we will be able to get the toy a day deal online now? I am interested to see how this will work too. I would think the online inventory would be way more for an online order then the inventory at the actual store.

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That is my hope though. I bet it will work. I suppose any discount is great but Wish it was like it used to be. I totally forgot that they changed the percentage last year. I just gave up on going altogether because my store never had any of it in stock…they would always sell out…. But this should still be nice if it applies to every order now, not just crossing your fingers for a checkout code.

No, you cannot use pickup orders for Ibotta. Only works on some cartwheel offers. Right now, it works on Charmin, but not the Bounty offer. I still think this makes up for that…. Can anyone tell me if they will accept paper coupons on a pick up order? Has anyone done it? Is other Targets a mess? Ours in Plattsburgh, NY is terrible. Shelves half empty, stuff everywhere, boxes in the isles.

Its crazy and sad cause I love Target. They said they took off the night shift stockers per corperates orders. Its been like this since mid July or so.

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  • Yes ours here in Fayetteville NY is a wreck pallets in the aisles lucky if you can get your cart around the piles of stuff everywhere. I hate it!!! I go there like lots of other stay at home moms in my area every other week or so to get my Starbucks, get out of my house with my toddler and browse. I think this is super exciting. I think they are trying to lower their shipping costs for red card holders and had a genius moment.

    JUST IN! Apply Target Cartwheel Offers to Online or App Orders

    I am confused.. Now you can order online with cartwheel…but you have to pick up at store correct? You cant order online and then have it shipped?? Someone please clarify this for me! I live almost 1 hr from Target! SO I hope it allows shipping! Paige, if you look at this in the App it will be really clear.


    Delivery is grayed out. I usually do delivery since I have health issues. I might try the pickup. Not sure. Hope this helps. How about the mfqr coupons in the cartwheel? Will those be applied on your online order to be picked up in store? Thank you Target, you made my day with this changes to Cartwheel. I have already shared the news with family and friends.

    Lynnette Brown, Nashville, TN. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! The app creates a few roadblocks for super savers. You can add up to 50 offers at one time. An offer will occupy a spot on your list until you remove it or it expires, whichever comes first. Cartwheel limits the number of times you can apply your discounts: You can use your bar code up to six times per day. Plus, you can stack and reuse savings.

    Check out our Target store guide for more tips on shopping the retailer. At NerdWallet, we adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. Back to top. What's next?

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