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Nissan Qashqai 1.

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Image 28 of The Mazda CX-5 is loved by its owners, which is why it finished in the Top 20 of the Driver Power satisfaction survey. On top of that, the classy, spacious interior, with its generous standard kit, makes it clear that the CX-5 is one of the best SUVs a family could have. Image 29 of As a buyer, you also get plenty of choice in the E-Pace line-up, with a wide range of engines and trims to pick from, as well as a variety of personalisation options.

Image 30 of Like the smaller , which is built on the same platform, the latest has been reinvented as an SUV. And this was a great move by Peugeot. The big difference between the and is that the larger car has seven seats. In truth, that third row of seats is really intended for kids, but adults will fit if the centre row of seats is slid forward.

Buying Guide: Best 0% APR finance deals on new cars in 2018

Image 31 of Skoda Kodiaq 2. Image 32 of Hyundai Santa Fe SE 2. Size is one of the most important considerations for a family car — and the seven-seat Santa Fe is huge. Where the Hyundai scores is with the amount of storage in the cabin, the long list of standard kit and its quiet, comfortable character. The diesel engine really suits the car, too, with more than enough power for everyday use. Image 33 of Instead, the Discovery Sport is a Land Rover through and through, with real go-anywhere ability and the option of seven seats.

Image 34 of Ford Edge 2. The ST-Line adds a sporty look, while the Vignale lends a premium finish. Buyers have the choice of two diesel engines, both with a six-speed auto box, while two and four-wheel drive are available. Whichever you pick, the Edge majors on comfort over driving thrills.

Image 35 of Volvo is on a roll at the moment, but it was this latest version of the XC90 that heralded this new era, winning our Car of the Year award back in Image 36 of Land Rover Discovery 2. The Discovery is a serial winner: The key to such success is its all-round ability, and that starts with its great driving experience on and off the road. Not only will this Land Rover tramp across muddy moorland, it will also feel like a proper luxury car on a long motorway journey. On top of that, it can cope with anything that family life throws at it.

Best cars for less than £250 per month

Image 37 of Volkswagen Touareg R-Line 3. Image 38 of This is a seven-seater that can genuinely seat seven people, and the finish inside is simply superb. Every one of the engines can shift this big SUV at quite a lick without much effort — and without breaking the bank. Image 39 of Ford S-MAX 2. It has a fine range of engines as well, with everything from frugal diesels to a petrol model delivering strong ish performance, while standard equipment is generous across the range.

Image 40 of Above all, the car is a great way to carry people, with plenty of room in all seven seats, an airy cabin and a boot that will take more than 2, litres when you drop the rear seats. The name change also saw some useful updates to the engines, connectivity and kit, but the Citroen remains an excellent family holdall. Image 41 of SEAT Alhambra 2. The Alhambra is getting a little long in the tooth these days, but this former three-time MPV of the Year winner at our New Car Awards can still teach some newer models a thing or two about ferrying people around.

Image 42 of Toyota GT86 2. Thanks to the combination of its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive set-up and a light kerbweight, the car has super-sharp handling that enthusiasts will revel in. Image 43 of The mainstream models focus on comfort, with a smooth ride. Image 44 of Ford Mustang 5. It took Ford more than half a century to officially sell right-hand-drive examples of the Mustang in the UK, but it was worth the wait.

The range-topping version has a huge 5. Instead, you can revel in the looks, the sound and simply how good it makes you feel. Image 45 of Image 46 of Toyota Prius Active List price: So not only will you get good fuel economy without the need to plug in the Toyota to charge it up although a more expensive plug-in version is available , you can take the family along, too.

Image 47 of BMW i3 Ah Price: The handsome dashboard is minimalist enough to bathe the interior in light, and mixes traditional wood inserts with cutting-edge tech. The all-electric i3 can manage miles on a charge, yet cover the benchmark mph sprint in just 7. Those seeking a sportier driving experience are served by the i3s, which shaves 0. Image 48 of Our Affordable Electric Car of the Year in won the award for one reason above all else: Our tests showed that you could realistically expect that in everyday use, and even the cheaper 39kWh model has a range of up to miles.

As with any electric car, the Hyundai is very quiet on the move, but the SUV is also pretty comfortable and has reasonable space inside, as well as a fine infotainment system. Image 49 of A larger and smoother 2. Image 50 of Kia e-Niro Special Edition List price: The e-Niro has a lot in common with the Hyundai Kona Electric and both are the kind of electric cars that could convince the most ardent petrolhead that battery power is the future.

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Image 51 of Tesla has had the EV market to itself for a long time, but the arrival of the I-Pace has really shaken things up. With its mix of strong performance, excellent quality and a decent real-world range of almost miles, the Jaguar was named Best Premium Electric Car at our New Car Awards.

Indeed, it scooped the overall Car of the Year crown. It also offers room for four people and their luggage, plus the I-Pace is seriously quick, rides sweetly and handles superbly. Image 52 of Then again, the Fiesta ST always has been a David among a sea of Goliaths — more thrilling to drive than more exotic cars that can cost five or six times as much. The three-cylinder engine is punchy and the car still handles beautifully in corners. Image 53 of The range of engines runs from an affordable four-cylinder to a stonking supercharged V8 in the flagship SVR, which is quick enough to compete with top supercars — and has a soundtrack to match.

You can even choose four-wheel-drive versions that are safer and more secure, but every bit as thrilling to drive.


Image 54 of The latest Focus stands out as the best family hatchback to drive, offering a supple ride and sweet, accurate steering. It's roomy inside, too.

How To Buy A Car: PCP? Loan? Hire Purchase?

This 1. Even cheaper A1s come loaded with all the equipment you're likely to need. What Car? Darren Moss. Ford Focus 1. SUVs may be hugely popular, but very few offer actual off-road ability. The four-wheel drive Jimny, however, is very capable off road.

These payments are low for the value of the car , as it's expected to be worth a lot when you hand the keys back. This means that the MX-5 1. The Skoda Fabia is one of the best small hatchbacks, but it's also one of the best value.

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Go for the 1. SUV styling, a high driving position and efficient petrol options make the Ford Kuga popular. These savings mean monthly payments for the 1. That gets you the nippy turbocharged 1. Looking to run a brand new car for the lowest possible monthly payment? If you're not concerned about the option to own the car at the end of the contract, PCH leasing could be perfect. With no option to buy the car when the contract ends, you simply pay an initial rental followed by a series of payments.

When the term ends, just hand the car back and you can choose to walk away or get another one. Small, economical and fantastic value, this i10 is one of the most affordable cars you can lease. You even get metallic paint thrown in. Like the sound of a large, comfy car with added all-terrain ability? While some cars are better value to purchase through finance than cash — thanks to large deposit contribution discounts and low APR charges — others are much better cash purchases , with big savings on the list price.

We've rounded up desirable models with the biggest discounts available that make sense for those with cash in their pocket or looking to fund their next car with a personal loan. Slotting between the 3Series Saloon and Touring, the Gran Turismo offers a massive boot with a sleek silhouette.

best pcp car deals on the market Best pcp car deals on the market
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best pcp car deals on the market Best pcp car deals on the market
best pcp car deals on the market Best pcp car deals on the market

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