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You can check out navigation and aiming consoles as well as aerial views of the forward guns. We got there at There were 4 people there, so exchanging our USS Iowa Groupon tickets or buying full price tickets will not take long. It starts out on the outdoor deck where the huge turrets are. I cannot imagine how scary those things are if they are operational and how much it will most likely bust my eardrums. And Vincent Thomas Bridge is also on the horizon.

A warning for the tall tour-goers. With the only bathtub installed on a battleship for a President. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and George H. The guns take a few games to get used to, but they are so good once you get comfortable in them. Kii and Tirpitz also have their moments, Tirpitz is the most noob friendly, but has a pretty low skill ceiling. Kii has some of the same tools Tirpitz has and a few more, but is much more squishy, less stealthy and less agile. It has a high skill ceiling, so lots of stuff to get good at and learn about the ship.

I like Kii more than Tirpitz, but most would say otherwise. Hood is one of my fav tier 7 BBs, but its not really good enough for me to recommend at all. Its fast and tanky, but guns leave some to be desired. Albama is only minorly different than North Carolina so its not like Alabama is very unique either.

Exploring OFF LIMIT Areas WW2 Battleship : USS Iowa

It's T7, it's a bit special with its 28 cm guns, but still competitive and versatile. Others might be able to say more about the ship, only had it for a couple days on trial, but it was quite solid. You should have at least some kind of experience in a specific tier, before you buy a premium ship in that tier. In the moment you have absolutely no clue how to play a tier8 BB.

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You do not know what is expected from you and you do not know which enemy ships threaten you most. Your current lack of experience will make you a burden for your own team. So my suggestion to OP is Premium time first, the longer ones are cheaper, but if you want a ship Tirpitz an Alabama are both good choices. You also have to consider what type of playstyle do you enjoy: So Kii is a sidegrade. So Tirpitz is a sidegrade. Although Tier 8 has a good selection of very strong premium ships with good earning potential, I see two problems.

Some people never do. I would suggest going for a T7 as the matchmaking and overall game enjoyment peaks at that tier in my opinion. You'll get to play your premium ship sooner and in my opinion enjoy it more. Also you get a selection of much more unique BBs that are significantly different to what you can research in the tech tree, which is a bonus.

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Earning potential remains decent. I bought Atago after playing for just 1 week and only having T5 Furutaka.

It was a learning curve but I didn't have any problems and was soon doing very well. The gameplay high up is not really harder, it's just different and as I said often not in a good way. The app will send you exciting articles created by staff and alert you when fun events are happening. Reviews Review Policy.

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