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I personally got both of my ThinkPads on ebay. You have to be careful on ebay. Read the descriptions carefully as there are a lot of refurbed machines and some sellers don't disclose it very well. I think it is OK to buy refurbed, but know what you are getting and don't over pay. I would pay with a credit card as well as it offers the best protection should something not go right. In the end I don't think there is a perfect place to buy. Either pay more with Lenovo, but get the security of the return policy and the ability to customize. Or get it elsewhere you take more of a risk if you happend to get a dud, but you'll pay less.

I personally wouldn't buy at Office Depot because of the high prices and taxes, but it is a nice place to go look.

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Good Luck. ZaZ , Jan 24, Bought mine from PCconnection, were cheaper than on lenovo website and had the same rebates from the manufacturer , bought from them in for the first time, seemed ok to me. Alekseevs , Jan 24, The only site reviews I could find are: Also don't forget that Lenovo has a variety of option pages that branch off it's main site. Jason , Jan 24, I bought my T43 from Buy.

Karl Gruber , Jan 25, I bought mine from Eritech.

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It was in the mail the same day I ordered it. Try to match that turn around time Lenovo!!! I originally ordered from Lenovo and they told me to expect weeks, then changed it to plus two weeks shipping with my second day delivery option. I don't know what they are doing over there in China but they need to get this mess sorted out. ExJxC , Jan 25, You can't actually buy a ThinkPad at Office Depot. Each store was only given two ThinkPads, for display. They don't stock them in the regional warehouses either. And it's a direct ship item, so if you order a ThinkPad at Office Depot it ships to you directly from Lenovo.

That means you'll suffer the same waiting period as everybody else who buys directly from Lenovo. I got this information from a local Office Depot store manager. He said that Lenovo is offering ThinkPads through Office Depot as a trial, to see how much sales they may be able to generate through retail stores. Sounds like a doomed plan to me. If you can't actually buy a computer at the store, how much sales do you think will result?

Same story for emails many emails.

A guy from Lenovo Complaint Management contacts me. His name is Kim. We are 6 days past the last ETA. I make calls and send emails. Nobody has a fucking clue where the display is and when it will be delivered. Once I tell him that I will move the discussion to public social networks , he immediately replies and offers me a laptop replacement. About fucking time! Finally I will have a working laptop within one business day!

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I can wait. Of course I have to send them the faulty laptop before they ship the new one. So I give them the address, and in a few days a courier comes to pick up the laptop DAY The new laptop has been dispatched! The laptop needs to go to South Korea first. Oh, wait. No planes in South Korea either. Kazakhstan is the next stop. OMG what is that? My laptop is already in Germany! Go go go! Ok whatever, I will spend the weekend doing a backup of my old laptop.

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This time it feels so real! I just need to sit and wait for my laptop to be delivered today. Fuck yeah! What the fuck does that mean?

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I call UPS. They tell me that the address given by Lenovo is completely fucked up. This is how it looks:. Ok, relax. I can simply give UPS the correct address, no? They have an agreement with Lenovo by which nobody but Lenovo can change the address, nor go and pick up the package at the UPS center. At this point I seriously stopped and checked if I was dreaming. Once I verified I was not, I started again with my favorite activity: Of course nobody at Lenovo can do shit, because everything is now managed by my old friend Kim.

I send Kim another email. Promo Codes February 12222

This is what I get:. Christmas holidays! Note to self: I send an email to Alexandros, as suggested. No answers. I slowly start to feel my laptop getting farther from me. My laptop left London. Of course. New emails to Kim and Alexandros. Happy new year btw! Fair enough. How could I possibly complain? After reading the comments I feel the need to point something out. After almost 4 months I have a working laptop! Is this the real life?


Is this just fantasy? As soon as I kindly emailed to Kim the link to this Medium post, he was immediately much faster at answering my emails. But of course at that point I wanted more than that, so I bargained a bit. Long story short, here is what I got:.

The laptop was delivered within 2 days after I finally accepted their offer. So it was possible to deliver it fast, uh? I am not satisfied. I asked for a T instead of the upgraded T, as this story took so long that the version will be out very soon. I asked for a discount coupon with a fixed amount instead of a percentage discount.

Lenovo made me wait days to have a working laptop. I wasted literally tens of hours just to write emails and make annoying calls to them. It was a very frustrating and tiring experience that I do not recommend to anybody. And all of this for what?

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